2008 New YearEveryone of you would have enjoyed the last night of 2007 and would have set up some big goals for this year 2008. Here are my goals and targets which i need to achieve.

  • Increase my SEO Companies working staff from 9 to 15.
  • Develop 3 websites which get me 1000$/month automatically without any continious efforts required.
  • Double my current working websites count
  • Stop buying new domains [Last year 2007 i purchased around 1200 domains out of which only 3-4% really converted ou well]

Income Levels IncreasingCurrent Monthly Average Income Levels :

Affiliates : Low xxxxx$/Month [Increasing heavily and currently serious only about them]
Adsense : Mid xxxx$/Month [Increasing]
Text Link Sales : Low xxxx$/Month [Steady because of recent google policies]
Kontera : High xx$/Month [Recently signed up for one website]
Online Services Sales : Mid xxxx$/Month [Decreased a bit because of my dedication moved over to affiliates]
Adbrite : Mid xxx$/Month [Increasing slowly after finding out some tricks on better monetization with Adbrite]
WidgetBucks : High xx$/Month [Was xxx$/month during the launch but the recent policies made income lower down]
Online Stock Market Trading : Mid xxxx$/Month [Its increasing currently because i get some insiders news now =) ]
Offline Business : Cannot Reveal it right now but i currently have 2 Offline business which i handle passively.
Other smaller income streams which i have missed out right now.

My target for this new year is to double everything above a minmum of 3 times with a target of some 6 Digit $ in total for the complete 2008 Year.

Reading Money BookSome suggestions for everyone would be to monetise on many different things rather than trying to monetise from a single income making opportunity. Try to research a lot of webmaster forums and then always implement instantly rather than always reading those useless ebooks. Everything is possible and i have made all thing possible within 2 years of my online presence. Dont just get depressed if you are not even able to make out 100$/month, keep working on your website with full dedication writing original reviews / articles, emailing related bloggers for link backs or letting others know about your blogs in case you are working on a personal blog, because no is going to help you out on how to make money online, but its you who has to work out.

Stop reading others websites unless you are already having a good setup and dont need some money, because you need to workout on selecting a good niche and then setup targets for promoting and monetising your websites.

If posts like these = Best Wireless Connection , Lost Mobile Phone, HMIL Launches Hyundai i10 , Best Affiliate Programs can help me get 20000 visitors/month , guess if you have got 100 similar posts you can reach a million visitors easily but that needs some serious dedication too. In case you find it hard to optimize your website just contact a Seo consultant or else read some tips on getting free traffic.

New Year Resolutions

Make sure you dont jump into some new ideas every now and then and stop copying others ideas. Just research and stick to one single website in the beginning and iam sure you can get a lot of results from it.

What are your goals for this year and what are your current achievements?

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