Best Budget Laptop Sony Vaio, Hp Laptops or Compaq

Amit Sharma Asked a Question : I want to buy a Laptop in this week so plz tell me which one i own in between Rs.30000-40000. I am a web developer so i need HDD space of upto 160GB, 1GB RAM n DVD-Rw. Plz suggest me a Laptop, as soon as possible.

Vivek D Pandey asked a Question : Hello, I have to buy a laptop for around 40000/-. But totally puzzled which to buy. My requirements r 2GB RAM, 160GB, 64 bit, 1.8GHz, core 2 duo, intel processor, bluetooth, wifi. Please suggest me. Iam interested in hp laptops or compaq notebooks.

I would always recommend you to go for a Sony Vaio laptop because of their superb quality. Generally people recommend HP laptops for tough looks, Dell Laptops for Cheaper rates but i look for something which is Classy, budgeted and offers better performance and this is something you can find with Sony Vaio Laptops. I currently have 2 Sony Vaio Laptops and Apple Macbook but always Sony rocks. We cannot just compare Macbook with any other laptops performance wise but since we are all generally addicted to the Windows based operating systems we should not directly jump into Mac OS X based laptops because it can decrease your processing time. The very reason for this is that in case of windows based operating systems you can easily handle all the applications and process your work quickly but in Macbook OSX/Leopard you need to understand how the different keys work, new shortcuts etc but once you understand those you would never get back to windows for sure.

Just visit a Sony World in any City in India and check out the latest pricing, like i bought my Sony Vaio CR N17G model year back costing 64000Rs but now is available at 38000Rs , which means a huge difference in latest pricing because of the growing competition and increasing demand. If you are specifically looking for a comparison between HP Laptops (or) Compaq, then HP would be recommended because of their performance and Compaq is known for its Battery problems and heating problems. In case of stylish looks again HP is far more better than Compaq laptops. Most of these laptop brand/models would offer you with a inbuilt wifi and 75% of the latest models are preinstalled with Core2Duo processors and the pricing of these configuration starts at 35000Rs onwards.

It again depends purely on your requirements based on which you can select a laptop because there are gaming laptops, business laptops, student laptops etc which are specifically designed for the demand and are equipped with their respective features. Though its recommended to check out a laptop with good battery life, 1Gb RAM minimum, 80Gb HDD, Core2Duo Processor, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, In Built Web Cam, Tv Tuner cards, Basic Speakers etc and you can choose a better model based on your specific requirements, like in this case if you are a designer you would be working on high resolution pictures/videos and would expect a better RAM, Hard Disk Space and Processor. If you are looking for a laptop which is to be used for your business with transactions related to your bank, Credit cards etc its recommended to check out these Laptop Security Tips.

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  1. My requirement is corei3 processor;3GB RAM ;320 hard disk;512MB graphic card memory;15 or 16 inches screen size … pls suggest me which laptop is the best one fulfilling my reqirement?? dell hp or sony vaio.. my budget is between Rs 30,000 to 40,000 i’m quite confused…kindly suggest.!!

  2. i want to buy a laptop with maximum hardware u prefer me SONY or any other. i m MBA student. i want all like wi-fi,640 gb hdd,4 gb ram,and much price,plz send me reply on my mail id as soon as possible.

  3. i want wireless net connection also that i surf it everywhere & anywhere while in roaming.which scheme & which company u prefer

  4. hp/sony laptop
    i5 500gb hd 15.6″ scrn. 3-4 gb ram. 3~6 cache memory.

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