Twitter Bird SMS TweetsYou can easily configure your Twitter account to send you SMS Alerts to your Mobile Phone whenever someone sends you a Direct Message to your Twitter Account. Well in this article we are going to teach you a simple method using which you can setup and configure your Twitter Profile in such a way that whenever someone sends you a Reply to your the Tweet you had written, you will receive a copy of the same in your Mobile Phone SMS Box.

In order to get started you need to first understand that Twitter offers you with a RSS Feed for every profile page which is located just below the following badges on your Profile Page. Check here –

Twitter Following RSS Feed

The format of the RSS Links is as follows :
Normal Tweets –
Replies / Mentions –

Now we need to set this feed to automatically send you updates whenever its updated. You can normally use Feedburner for your main Twitter Feed but in this case we are going to parse a Private Feed, where in only Yahoo Pipes would work which is a powerful tool to create a mashup of different content providers at one location easily. You need to just replace the above link with your Twitter ID Username & Password and select the option of ‘Fetch Feed’ in the Yahoo Pipes Left Menu.

Fetch Twitter Feed Yahoo Pipes

Next you need to connect the pipes and then save it, which will be saved under your profile with the name you specify.

Amit Bhawani Twitter Replies

Next you need to copy the RSS Link which is listed in the pipe page as ‘Get as RSS’. Following this you need to visit the Google SMS Labs and create a new channel there with any name and Enter the RSS Link you copied from Yahoo! Pipes here. You can read a small tutorial on setting up Google SMS Alerts.

That’s it now whenever someone Replies to your Tweets or Mentions your username using the @, you will get a copy of the whole tweet in your Mobile Phone SMS. Next for sending the same to your Email Box, you need to use the same Yahoo Pipes generated RSS Link and link with the FeedmyInbox service.

Overall the whole setup is quite easy and would take a maximum of 15 minutes to complete. Also this is a recommended setup for everyone who are looking to Monitor Twitter Tweets all the time.

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