Blogging is always considered by many as a part time job with Focus on quickly Making Money. In this article we are going to give you a detailed analysis on blogging, and if this profession can be good for your career or not. In the past few years I have met many people who had entered into the field of blogging by understanding the basics, Registering a domain name, setting up a decent enough blog and then after a very few days they would stop updating their blog with the main reason behind this being No Returns in the form of Money. They don’t really understand that Blogging is not a Lottery ticket which they purchased by paying a few dollars and which would make them rich automatically. This is full time business which should be worked on with a lot of dedication, plans, research, goals to achieve results in the form of Money, Brand, Networking etc.

Note : Iam a Six Figure Blogger which means that every year i make more than 100,000$ through my blogs which is my full time profession and i always suggest everyone to take this job as a very serious one if they really need success. Frankly speaking there are no shortcuts to make money and No One helps to Make Money, its you who has to work hard to build your career for a great future.

Blogging SuccessScope : Is there any future of blogging? Most of the upcoming blogger’s would always have this question in their mind when they start learning about this field. The number of blogs and Blogger’s are increasing every day all round the year and so is their individual revenue and scope. Every year the number of people who access the Internet is increasing and this is because of Higher literacy rates, increase in the number of Internet users, more ways to stay connected like Smart phones with GPRS/3G, Netbooks with data card connections, cheaper broadband connection charges following which the number of Internet Users all around the world are increasing in a enormous rate and this gives a better scope to the Blogger’s too because their content would be read by more people. Since there is a increasing demand, the blogger’s can fill this sector and get paid for the same. Previously there was a time when people use to read Newspapers but these days techies & the youth subscribe to News feeds & blog feeds through which they get the latest information and news alerts based on their own personalized topics saving their time and increasing their productivity.

Even if you find that there are a lot of websites in any given niche, you can still find that your blog can fill the missing areas if you stick to any specific niche and keep writing on it. You can find this point true by comparing this with the gadgets launch everyday. Even though there are thousands of different Mobile Phone Handsets in the markets, the manufacturers still keep launching similar handsets with a small difference in the models every other day in a hope that the new ones would get sold. Hence there is no point of moving back seeing the large competition in the world of blogging, but its better to face and try to beat other blogs in the same niche by offering better content.

Returns : This is the most important aspect for blogger’s before they actually get started into this field. There are hundreds of bloggers who had asked me about the revenue i make through my blog which i had answered here in the form of History Stats and Six figure blogger post. These kind of posts normally give them a rough idea on the returns they would get at the end of a certain period. Following is a approximate amount of revenue someone can earn if they work with serious interest and publish excellent content on their blogs.

1st Month End – 0$
3rd Month End – 100$/month
6th Month End – 500$/month
9th Month End – 1000$/month
12th Month End – 2000$/month

The above numbers are just a example which you can aim as a target or even achieve if you Blog continuously with full dedication and research. You can even Achieve better results if all the Blogging Tips are implemented at the right place at the right time. The Blogs niche also plays a very big factor when we discuss about the monetary compensation, hence you need to find the right niche which would get the maximum number of advertisers and on which you write content easily. Do check out our report on why Tech Blogs pay more than Entertainment based blogs in our article on Adsense eCPM Statistics.

Future of Blogging : This is actually a question which is generally asked by parents to most of the upcoming blogger’s when they announce that they would be a full time blogger. We as a blogger work as a proprietor and don’t work for someone, because of which we don’t get any retirement benefits nor any fixed salary, hence the profession of blogging is quite risky and if after a few months of implementation you still don’t find good results, its better to leave this profession rather than wasting your time on it. Blogging is for people who have a passion for writing stuff and getting paid for the same, which not only requires time but also dedication & research. Hence you cannot work full-time with some company, blog casually once in a while and expect big results. The profession of blogging is going to be a hit as long as the media industry is alive and this is never going to end.

After a few years of blogging you will have many professional contacts who can be helpful to you in case you want to switch your career. Also the profession would give you better Brand name, Respect in the industry, Business ideas, Practical knowledge and lot more. If you compare the returns from blogging it’s normally 5 to 10 times more that what you would have earned in your full-time job, hence you can quickly retire with loads of money instead of other Offline jobs which give you just a limited amount of money. Don’t forget in my view Blogging is better than MBA Degree, whats your take?

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