Monthly Income ReportAfter a lot of requests to publish the Monthly Income Reports, i went ahead and planned to publish these reports once in a while. In this article you will be finding out few reports which can help you guys in understanding the money blogging can pay you and the amount of dedication required by you towards your blog if you are a Full time blogger. You can feel free to ask your questions or post suggestions at our Help Desk. I will be listing all the incomes in the order of higher to lowest.

#1. Google Adsense – $7,790

The Adsense revenue is increasing as usual every month and the last month ie June 2010 i made 7,790$ in total which include ads for content, search & feeds. The Feeds & Search revenue is not much and can be considered something less than 100$ and which is the reason at most of the times the Ads for Feeds are disabled. You should be implementing all the available ad sizes on your blog and keep testing all the new features Google Adsense team recommends on their blog for better income. Will be adding the check’s screenshot here which would be reaching soon. Wait for a days time and you will the Google Payment check below.

Google Adsense Stats June 2010

#2. Tribal Fusion – $3,148

TribalFusion is a CPM based ads serving company which offers decent advertisements to publishers all over the world. The network paid us around 100$/day revenue with ads mainly shown to the US Visitors only and for Indian Traffic there will be ads rarely displayed.
TribalFusion Stats June 2010

#3. Kontera – $1,185

A Pretty decent enough In Text Ads Network which pays on pay per click basis to publishers. Similar programs are Echotopic & Infolinks which i rarely use now on the main blogs.

Kontera Stats June 2010

#4. Other Small Networks – $1112

This section lists all the income made through different ad networks which include Meta Network, Openx, Link Worth, Technorati Media Ads, AdsDaq, Infolinks ads on some upcoming blogs etc which all of the total end up with the above mentioned figure. [200 + 559 + 227 + 126 = 1112]

#5. SEO Services – $880

Cannot disclose more about this section because the numbers keep jumping up and down as it all depends on the clients and their requirements. We dont offer any SEO Packages but offer small services which can help website owners and bloggers get better rankings and traffic from the search engines.

Total Revenue for June 2010

7,790 + 3,148 + 1,185 + 1112 + 880 = $14,115. Also we have crossed 21000 Feed Readers and hope that by year end we beat 25000 count along with a better income level. Will post another similar report next month and hope we continue making more than 10,000$ every month and stay in the Six Figure Bloggers Club.

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